IoT Trends for 2017

The IoT (Internet of Things) revolution is underway and will take a step forward in 2017, influencing not only the way of life of people, also how to do business, how to communicate and how to Interact between people and devices.

The accelerated evolution of the implementation of the Internet of Things in both the public and industrial sectors makes it compulsory for both individuals and companies to prepare for the paradigm shift when it comes to producing, communicating or making business. Today, only 1% of things are connected to each other, but the trend is that IoT and M2M (Machine to Machine) communication will be an active part of our world in the coming years by exponentially multiplying the number of connected devices.

Where do we go from IoT? We analyze trends proposed by industry experts.

Highest number of connected objects

It is estimated that in the world there are about 8 billion smart devices, which will become in the next three years 25 billion thanks to the interest of companies in the development of solutions and products that apply IoT technology to increase productivity , effectiveness and efficiency.

Massive information in real time

In the business world it is often said that information is power. Having the ability to receive real-time information, data and statistics of all kinds of devices (vending machines, energy meters, fleet vehicles, logistic tracking) is one of the major challenges and another of the trends that the Internet of Things is ahead of 2017. Integral monitoring will be the great competitive advantage in the industry and logistics 2.0.

Influence on Marketing and Business Models

The arrival of IoT in all aspects of life will require a new model of interaction between companies and users, providing greater user awareness, significant cost savings and a hitherto unknown capacity to extend the customer experience to Next level, with new opportunities to create loyalty and satisfaction with the brand.

Cloud storage

In 2016 there has been a huge advance in the use and trust of the cloud for data storage and interaction with devices and people. Its influence will be seen in the mobility of the workers and the flexibility of the companies. Together with the connectivity provided by the Internet of Things with the storage capacity in Cloud, it will allow a digitization of the physical world through the editing and interaction with the data directly on the Internet.

Democratization of IoT

The great progress that IoT technology is undergoing will allow it to reach all types of companies, including SMEs, who will see how they can improve their productivity and reduce their costs with tools that have hitherto been focused mainly on large companies, without investing large quantities of money. This will be done thanks to the appearance of development solutions that allow to reduce the costs of implementation of M2M connectivity systems.

Most connected cities

It is one of the most obvious trends. Cities around the world are increasingly betting on the Smart City concept that will allow greater efficiency by connecting public infrastructure to control centers, while improving mobility and security for citizens. Cities will increasingly offer IoT services that will serve as the basis for an emerging connectivity-based economy.

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